Radio Action Theater

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Radio Action Theater, based in New York City and produced by Alabama writer and director Robert Clem, was broadcast on public radio in the U.S. and abroad from 1993 to 1998. The episodes feature performances by Eli Wallach, Ossie Davis, Betty Buckley, Stacy Keach, Jeffery Wright, David Strathairn, Hope Davis, John Glover, Lois Smith, Campbell Scott, Will Patton and Michael O'Keefe, and are based on Southern literature and Southern and U.S. history, with adapted stories by William Faulkner, Charles Chesnutt and William Gilmore Simms; and history plays based on the Hamilton-Burr duel, Woodrow Wilson's curious rise to power and the deadly expedition of Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto through what is now the American South. Each episode was directed by Robert Clem with original music composed and performed by Donald Stark.