Foundation for New Media Funders List

For the production of its films and radio programs, the Foundation for New Media has received generous support from individuals and the following organizations:
A.S. Mitchell Foundation
Alabama Folklife Association
Alabama State Council for the Arts
Alabama Humanities Alliance
Alabama Humanities Foundation
Alabama Law Foundation
Alabama Power Foundation
Arkansas Humanities Foundation
Ben May Charitable Trust
Betty McGowin Charitable Trust
Blount Foundation
C.D., Helen and Jeff Glaze Foundation
Cooper/T. Smith Company
Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Eric Meyer Hall Fund
FedEx Corporation
Georgia Community Foundation
Gulf States Paper Corporation
Hearin-Chandler Foundation
Humanities Iowa
Humanities Texas
J.L. Bedsole Foundation
Kentucky Humanities Foundation
M.W. Smith Foundation
Malbis Memorial Foundation
Mississippi Humanities Council
Monte Moorer Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
New Jersey Historical Commission
New Jersey Council for the Humanities
North Carolina Humanities Foundation
Paul and Alma Fischer Educational Trust
Philip Morris Companies
Springs Close Foundation
Southern Humanities Media Fund
Sybil Smith Charitable Trust