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Augusta Evans Wilson was rarely photographed. Cameras were few in the antebellum South; she was not photographed on her several trips to the battlefield during the Civil War and after the publication of St. Elmo and her marriage to Lorenzo Wilson, she lived for the most part a private life on their Ashland estate. She did not make public appearances or give lecture tours as other authors did (notably Harriet Beecher Stowe). Undoubtedly Augusta believed that once she was married it was her place to stay on the domestic front. She continued to write novels but at a slower pace.

Notably, she did sit for a photographic session in 1902 as part of a publicity campaign for her next to last novel A Speckled Bird. Other than those few photos, there are very few portraits or photographs of this assertive but very private Southern writer.

1902 Photographs

Other images of Augusta

Georgia Cottage