Articles about Augusta

The articles below represent some of the very best writing about Augusta, most from a feminist viewpoint. They have been made available with the permission of the publishers and can be read or downloaded in the pdf format.

Anne Goodwyn Jones writes about Augusta in her book Tomorrow is Another Day: The Woman Eriter in the South, 1859-1936, reprinted courtesy of the LSU Press.

Also reprinted with the permission of the LSU Press are the introduction written by Drew Gilpin Faust, currently president of Harvard University, to a 1992 edition of Macaria; and an introduction written by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese to the 1992 edition of Beulah.

The University of Alabama Press has kindly consented to our reprinting Diane Roberts' introduction to the 1992 edition of St. Elmo.

Tomorrow is another day

Introduction to Macaria

Introduction to Beulah

Introduction to St. Elmo